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Sacred Fire Pot Procession

Dallas Collectif and Jonathan De Maeyer

Dallas Collectif's "sacred fire pot" is a new ritual object, re-interpreting the traditional fire pot and referring to its ancestral strength as a place for gathering. It has a ceremonial shape and is transportable with the help of four people. In 2022, on the 20th of March it moved in a procession over the Roman road that runs through the orchards of Hesbaye in order to be lit on the fruit company Pipo in Sint-Truiden. A symbol of care, guard of the plants against the frost, protector of the future crops and fruits, and above all a representative of all the elements and people who have this same temporal and punctual movement.


The fieldwork the collective did in 2020 led them to the discovery of a whole collection of anti-frost systems; from the distribution of ‘fire pots’ through the orchard, to more mysterious and highly technological objects such as wind tunnels, fans, sprinkling systems and fog dragons. All of them share one and the same specific function: taking care of the blossoms by protecting them from late spring frosts, a threat that often only lasts one or two weeks a year.


Concept and firing pot by Dallas Collectif (Camille Gaillard & Salomon Tyler)

Direction, camera, editing: Jonathan De Maeyer

Sound, camera assistant: Evert De Maeyer

Voice-over: Piet Porreye

This video was made in the framework of Seasonal Neighbours 2022-2023

link on request:

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