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Selection of the Locus Amoenis Project

6 x 70x100cm black and white prints on 0,5mm cardboard



This series explores the desire to find an unknown landscape called ‘Locus Amoenis’. Additionally, the series is about the interpretation of place. The boundaries of perception seem to be determined by figures of speech and certain successful interpretations. This work is a reinterpretation of the landscape and gives the viewer access to an alternative, personal perception. 

The representation of an image consists out of layers. Some see the space between these layers as emptiness, but I like to think of it as one containing endless possibilities from which viewers can interpret to their heart’s content. When images fail to communicate a certain meaning, it creates a blank canvas to project a personal perception upon. By adding these layers, I want to slow down the process of seeing.

It is not the image that fascinates me, but the image of the image, which is artificial.

Does reality exist when it is not observed?


NUCLEO Stadhuissteeg #1

archive_scan016 copy.jpg
PEP_JonathanDeMaeyer_LocusAmoenisProject copy.jpg
showing the room237 copy.jpg
plant scan ruit (4x5).jpg
_DSC2325 copy.jpg

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