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Changing Landscapes - Maximiliaan Royakkers & Jonathan De Maeyer, 2023

Ghosts in Town - Seasonal Neighbours & Tijana Petrović, Wortel 2023

Showing The Room and Telling Someone, 2022

Sacred Fire Pot Procession - Dallas Collectif & Jonathan De Maeyer, 2022-2023

Memory of a Brick Clamp - Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers & Jonathan De Maeyer, 2022-2023

Locus Amoenis, 2021

Welcome To The Charming Place, 2021-2023

wandelpoort info copy.jpg
Arolla_Glacier (68,6 x98)_1.jpg

Locus Amoenis part 1, 2020

Lierlou, France, 2020

Arolla, 2020

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